Operation Christmas Child's Shoebox Drive

This year, we invite you once again to participate in Operation Christmas Child’s Shoebox Drive!  This organization asks generous people around the world to donate items to children who live in impoverished areas.  These items are placed into a shoebox (wrapped with Christmas paper) and then shipped to countries such as Kenya, India, and Madagascar.  When children are given their shoeboxes, they are invited to a 12-lesson Bible study that teaches them about the caring words of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Richter is Retiring (again!)

After 17 years of faithful service to the people of St. Peter Pastor Richter is fully retiring. He has visited an untold number of individuals who were shut-in and unable to attend worship. He also called on Sunday guests and encouraged them to attend the Basic Teachings class. He will continue to lead Young at Heart for another year. He and Mary will remain as members at St. Peter following his retirement.There will be a reception after each service on the weekend of October 25 and 26 in the Narthex.


Trunk'n'Treat is Sunday, October 26th from 12:30-3pm

Bring your neighborhood friends and family to St. Peter's "Heroes Unmasked" Trunk'n'Treat where you'll meet heroes worth having! Heroes Unmasked is an exciting way for kids to learn more about God's love, encounter costumed Bible Hero Actors, play carnival games, do crafts and collect Bible Hero cards to trade and treasure! Children ages 0 through 6th grade are invited! 

Trunk's, Time and Talents (and Candy) are Needed:

Seeking Candidates for the position of Director of Worship Arts

 As you may be aware our Music Director, Linda Scheurman, retired at the end of June. As a result we are now searching for a new leader in this role. If you would like to submit a name for consideration please e-mail the name and contact information to hcollier@stpeterlcms.org.

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